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<p>Jane Austen’s House,<br />
	Bath £80</p>

Jane Austen’s House,
Bath £80

<p>221b Baker Street, London<br />

221b Baker Street, London

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Post Box

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Telephone Box

<p>Queens Entrance, Kensington Palace, London<br />

Queens Entrance, Kensington Palace, London

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10 Downing Street, London

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Somerset House, London

<p>Radcliffe Camera, Oxford<br />

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

<p>Villa Saraceno, Vicenza<br />
	Signed and dated<br />

Villa Saraceno, Vicenza
Signed and dated

<p>Ca’d’Oro, Venice<br />
	Limited Edition<br />

Ca’d’Oro, Venice
Limited Edition

Bookends and Models by Timothy Richards of Bath

Timothy Richards has been making models in plaster since 1988, establishing a style of work for which he is known in Europe and America. Links may be found between his work and that of Jean Pierre and Francois Fouquet who made models in Paris during the late eighteenth century.

These are hand-made pieces. Every part is produced in the studio by Tim and his team of craftsmen. British Gypsum plaster is the basic material. Etched brass, white metal, copper, hand-made glass and gold are the additional material used for finishing models.